Learn How to Properly Care for your OL 770 System

To ensure the long life of your system, adhere to the following practices:


  • Avoid dropping or jolting the unit. This can cause movement of internal components, rendering future measurements unusable.
  • If a shock is suspected, perform a wavelength check and verify the calibration intensity to ensure the optical components are intact.

Fiber Optic Probes and ND Filters

  • Avoid contacting the ends of the optical probes with your bare hands.
  • Wear latex gloves when possible to prevent body oils from coming in contact with the optics.
  • Avoid excessively bending the probe.
  • Securely store the fiber in an accessory box with protective covers on both ends.

OL IS-670 Integrating Sphere and OL 15AB LED Receptor

  • Keep all ports covered when not in use. Even small amounts of contamination can cause errors in measurements.
  • The OL IS-670 is coated with packed PTFE powder, so it is NOT recommended it be cleaned by wiping with a cloth or using compressed air. This will damage the coating. If the coating becomes damaged or contaminated, it should be returned to the factory.

OL 610 and OL 620 Telescopes

  • Dropping or jolting the unit can cause it to become misaligned, rendering inaccurate measurements.
  • Avoid touching the lens with bare hands.
  • If the lens becomes contaminated, clean it with lens paper and high purity isopropyl.

Annual Preventative Maintenance, Recalibration

  • Be sure to have preventative maintenance and regular calibrations performed on your system. Optronic Laboratories recommends (50) hours or every (1) year, whichever comes first.

Should you suspect your system or accessories have been compromised, please contact us.

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