COMING SOON: 4-Part Spectroradiometry Webinar Series

Optronic Laboratories' Application Scientist, Christopher Gordon, will be hosting a 4-part spectroradiometry webinar series every Friday beginning April 14, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST.

Registering below will ensure you receive a registration link to each individual webinar. You must register for each webinar that you wish to attend in order to reserve your spot.


Friday, April 14th
Spectroradiometric Methods and System Configurations
An introduction and discussion on the various spectroradiometric measurements (i.e. radiance, irradiance, radiant intensity, etc.) and the general system configurations needed to make them.

Friday, April 21th
Spectroradiometric Instrumentation and Common Performance Specifications
An introduction and discussion about the basics of monochromators and discuss common specifications that are used to determine their performance.

Friday, April 28th
Spectroscopic System Calibration and Sources of Error/Uncertainty
An introduction and discussion about the various NIST-traceable calibration standards used to calibration the common system configurations as well as common sources of error and uncertainty.

Friday, May 5th
Photometric and Colorimetric Measurements
An introduction and discussion on photometry/ colorimetry and the CIE color spaces

Can't wait until the April 14th? Contact us today!

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