Did you know the OL 731 USB Smart Detector was used on Mythbusters?

The next time you’re looking for something to binge-watch, check out Mythbusters on Hulu.  The entertainment show uses scientific methodology to explore and challenge myths, rumors, news stories, and movie scenes.  In episode 11 of season 9, the group tests the theory of whether an underground chamber can be illuminated via light reflected off mirrors well enough to see with the naked eye, much like a scene from the movie The Mummy.  And they used an OL 731 USB Smart Detector to do this!

Using different mirror materials, light sources, and settings, the show tried to determine if enough ambient light could be created to the level shown in the movie or to see with the naked eye in a tomb. The initial test was done on the show’s set/ workshop using metal and glass mirrors, and a spotlight as the light source. While the glass mirrors were more reflective, they were not as effective at scattering the light as the metal mirrors.  Jamie and Adam then move to an underground parking lot and use a Xenon spotlight as the light source.  The second set up produced five times more ambient light, and they were easily able to navigate the area.  One problem – the scene in the movie uses sunlight as the light source.  Check out the episode to see if the myth was determined to be “confirmed” or “plausible,” or if it was “busted.”

While you may not need to perform similar tests or experiments, the OL 731 is a low-cost, hand-held radiometer/photometer that can easily be set up for various specialized needs, such as OEM production process control, display testing and optimization, and UV curing. The unit has a built-in 6 decade preamplifer with automated gain adjustment and a 16 bit ADC. It is supported by an ActiveX™ Software Development Kit, which facilitates user integration into larger process control and monitoring applications. A variety of filters and sensors are available to the measurements to your specific requirements.

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