OL 459 Tunable LED Standard: Request A Quote Today!

The OL 459 LED Tunable Standard is a NIST-traceable, tunable, 5-channel calibration standard capable of providing continuous spectrum from 380 – 1000 nm. Its fully integrated, compact design consist of a 6-inch integrating sphere with a 1.5-inch exit aperture, monitor detector, auxiliary reference port for spectroradiometer coupling, and embedded thermal management system to maximize stability of source output. The OL 459 can be operated manually using its digital display, or remotely via USB and the application software. PTFE coating provides a highly diffuse reflectance over the visible and into the NIR wavelength range. The application software allows the capability to control individual channel driving currents, presets saved in the instrument’s memory, and monitor detector units.

Key Features

  • LED-based Source
  • 26 LED Wavelengths are Provided
  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Integrated Monitor Detector
  • High Uniformity Output Exit Port
  • USB Connection for Remote Control
  • Internal Hour Meter Tracks Usage
  • Includes Software and SDK package
  • Continuous Spectrum Across the Visible/ NIR Wavelength Range
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