Ol 770-InGaAs: The Must-Have Spectroradiometer

OL 770-InGaAs Features

  • Ideal for chemometrics, atmospheric absorption, solar simulation, and IRED source measurement
  • Unique internal spectrograph for low stray light performance and high spectral resolution (~1.8 nm)
  • Intuitive Windows-based software for a completely integrated operating system
  • Lightweight, rugged, and portable for rapid QC checks

Our OL 770-InGaAs was designed for customers who require fast measurement results from 850 – 1700nm but not at the expense of quality or precision. The unique internal spectrograph is based on an aberration corrected, concave, flat field diffraction grating. Precision optics in the spectrograph delivers excellent wavelength accuracy (+/- 1.0 nm). The Windows®-based software provides the user with a computing environment consistent with daily computer activity and contains advanced data reduction routines/features as well as custom reporting capabilities.

Whether manufacturing solar simulators or characterizing lenses or optical fibers, the OL 770-InGaAs is a must-have!

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