Product Spotlight: OL 458-4 White LED-based Calibration Standard

Deriving from our high expectations, the OL 458-4 White LED-based calibration standard is an elite measurement unit. This fixed luminance sphere was created to provide hyper-accurate optical readings for a wide array of instruments. Those instruments include, but are not limited to:

  • Micro and Telephotometers
  • Image intensifiers
  • Imaging photometers and colorimeters intended for photometric, radiometric, and spectoradiometeric response

Compact, tough, and designed to last, the OL 458-4 consists of two basic units: an optics head and a power supply. By using this setup, remote location comes into play. This allows for a more flexible positioning of the integrating sphere in regard to its tested instruments.

The OL 458-4 is not defined by its compact design alone. It integrates cutting edge advancements in the world of integrating spheres. Among them:

  • Optional rotating mount support bases
  • Luminance uncertainty a mere ±0.5% relative to NIST
  • A proprietary coating of Optolon 2 material
  • USB connections allow for control via remote location
  • A 5030 K color temperature (this is approximated)

Uniquely, the optics head of the OL 458-4 White LED-based calibration standard contains dual input sources, each with several LEDs embedded. Sources are funneled into a 4-inch integrating sphere, which provides exceptionally diffuse reflectance (based on the VIS/NIR wavelength range).

LEDs are some of the most efficient stimulators of phosphors in luminance calibration. By placing them in the OL 458-4, they permit a consistent spectrum over a wide range. Additionally, the unit does not require connection to a computer system, allowing for mobile and field work when needed.

Features beyond those mentioned above include:

  • Quick and efficient warm up
  • Internal meters to track usage rates
  • Color temperature stability ± 25 K (with regards to calibrated value)
  • Stability over a vast range of ambient temperatures
  • Cutting edge application software (included)

With uniformity at ±0.1, the OL 458-4 presents itself as a top-level calibration device. We offer customizable features that cover both design and output, so we can fulfill your laboratory’s specific needs. A calibration standard refined skillfully, and delivered with a modern touch.

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