OL UV-40 Ultraviolet Irradiance Standard

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  • OL UV-40 Ultraviolet Irradiance Standard (200 – 400 nm)

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    The OL UV-40 consists of a stable, 30-watt deuterium lamp with an ultraviolet transmitting suprasil window.

    The OL UV-40 uses the OL 46D Deuterium Lamp Power Supply. Optronic Laboratories also recommends the OL 63 Adjustable Lamp Holder Mount.

  • OL UV-40U Ultraviolet Irradiance Standard (Seasoned)

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    Prior to calibration, each lamp is seasoned for 24 hours. Stability tests indicate that after the initial burn-in, the irradiance generally remains constant to within ±2% for a period of 50 hours use. The aging of the standard is not a function of the shelf life.

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