OL 730E Programmable Radiometer / Photometer

Instrumentation, Radiometer/ Photometers

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The basic OL 730E is furnished with an internal preamplifier and has a sensitivity of 1 x 10-14 amperes.The optional detectors available for use with the OL 730E include silicon, photomultipliers, germanium, and indium gallium arsenide.

The OL 730E can be programmed by the user to read directly in any specified radiometric optical unit. Up to 25 calibration factors for different detector/filter/input optic configurations can be stored in memory. Once the desired detector/filter/input optic configuration and associated calibration factor are selected, the OL 730E will measure and read directly in the designated optical units. The OL 730E-HV, a programmable, high voltage DC power supply for use with photomultiplier detectors, is also available as an option at time of purchase or as a factory upgrade.


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