See Us in Booth 607 at Vehicle Display Week!

Modern cars have evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years. Among some of the newer options are displays: head-up, center stack, driver information and rear-seat entertainment. Companies that manufacture these products need to ensure that they meet certain industry standards and specifications, as well as provide consistent results and function properly for the consumer.

The 29th Annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays & Interfaces (September 27 – 28, Detroit, MI) is the premier event for anyone involved with the design, manufacture, sale, purchase, or integration of displays in vehicles. These two days are an optimal opportunity to meet with colleagues, peers, and manufacturers to discuss and learn about the latest information and products in the industry.

Our OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System is a complete solution for luminance, diffuse reflection, and specular reflection measurements and more at the click of a button. The highly sensitive and powerful spectroradiometer features adaptable software to meet the needs of R&D, production, and quality assurance with the level of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability we’ve built our reputation on.

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