The Perfect Match: An OL 770 Spectroradiometer To Calibrate Your OL 459 Tunable Light Source

The OL 459 is a 5-channel LED based source capable of providing a continuous spectrum from 380 to 1000 nm, ideal for applications such as colorimeter and camera calibration, diagnostic medical imaging, and technical/ industrial photography. The OL 459 may be tuned to produce custom application-specific spectral distributions. When paired with our OL 770 Spectroradiometer System, transfer calibrations can be performed to precisely determine the spectral output. Together, these two instruments provide a complete in-house calibration solution with the level of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability we’ve built our reputation on.

The OL 770 features low stray light performance, high spectral resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range. Its lightweight and small footprint design, relative to larger scanning spectroradiometers, makes it an ideal instrument for use in production environments, especially where portability is needed. Highly-intuitive WindowsÒ-based software, which combines utility programs and data reduction routines with specific application software, makes for a completely integrated operating system. A variety of accessories are available to ensure your system grows and changes with your needs.

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