Try Before You Buy – The OL 459!

Pictures and specifications can reveal a lot about a product but nothing like having something in-hand to give it a “test drive.” That’s why we’re making units of our latest product, the OL 459 Tunable LED Standard, available for demonstration. This must-have instrument is ideal for such applications as camera/ image sensor calibration, diagnostic medical imaging, and technical/ industrial photography with the level of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability that we’ve built our reputation on.

The OL 459 LED Tunable Standard is a NIST-traceable, tunable, 5-channel calibration standard capable of providing continuous spectrum from 380 – 1000 nm. Its fully integrated, compact design consist of a 6-inch integrating sphere with a 1.5-inch exit aperture, monitor detector, auxiliary reference port for spectroradiometer coupling, and embedded thermal management system to maximize stability of source output. The OL 459 can be operated manually, using its digital display, or remotely, via USB and the application software. PTFE coating provides a highly diffuse reflectance over the visible and into the NIR wavelength range. The application software allows the capability to control individual channel driving currents, presets saved in the instrument’s memory, and monitor detector units.

Our OL 770 Test and Measurement system is ideal for calibrating this system to match your light source. The 770 features low stray light performance, high spectral resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range. The OL 770’s lightweight and small footprint design, relative to larger scanning spectroradiometers, makes it an ideal instrument for use in production environments, especially where portability is needed. Highly-intuitive Windows-based software, which combines utility programs and data reduction routines with specific application software, makes for a completely integrated operating system. A variety of accessories are available to ensure your system grows and changes with your needs.

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