Vignette Correction and Radiometric Calibration of Multispectral Cameras

Multispectral sensors, typically used for remote sensing, often contain standard radiometric calibration and vignette correction parameters. As the sensor is used, these parameters will adjust to the real-world environment resulting in a need for regular calibration and characterization. When equipped with an integrating sphere at the output, the Optronic Laboratories’ OL 750 Spectroradiometer can be used for vignette correction and radiometric calibration.

The OL 750 is a versatile, turnkey solution for an array of measurements, such as transmittance, specular reflectance, detector response, source analysis and more.

A wide variety of accessories allows for customization to meet your unique application and specifications as they change and grow, including:

  • Integrating Spheres
  • High Sensitivity Detectors
  • Transmittance and Reflectance Attachments
  • Optics Modules
  • Reflex Telescopes

… as well as an assortment of filters, adapters, and fiber optics.

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