What is Total Spectral Flux Testing and Why is it Important?

Whether driving a car at night on a foggy road, using a flashlight on a camping trip, or curling up in bed to read the latest novel before going to bed, your day-to-day life has been impacted by the need for total spectral flux testing. Manufacturers of such items as headlights, flashlights, and interior lighting rely on total spectral flux to ensure their products function as needed/ expected and within industry requirements or specifications.

The OL 770 spectroradiometer records the total lumnous flux values and automatically calculates key parameters, such as chromaticity, peak wavelength, half bandwidth, etc. Calibrations are made easy with the addition of a NIST-traceable total spectral flux standard lamp. A wide range of accessories and software enables the user to tailor a turn-key system to their exact requirements as well as ensure expandability for future needs.

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