You’re Invited: Virtual LED Event (LIVE)

Optronic Laboratories is pleased to be taking part in LEDs Magazine’s virtual event, Renaissance of light quality: SSL industry swaps focus from efficiency to architecture (September 29 – 30). This event will include keynote speakers, multi-speaker sessions, webcasts, and panel discussions. Best of all, the event is live, allowing for real-time questions to presenters, interaction with sponsors, and more.

Once the event goes live on the 29th, visitors will be able to view literature and a video about our IEC 62471 workstation via the Sponsors tab. Using our modular OL 750 Series Spectroradiometer, the system facilitates straight forward assembly, seamless measurement scans, and simple transitions from one measurement geometry to another. It is the ideal solution for the evaluation and control of optical hazards from lamps at points of human access.

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