LED/ Solid State Lighting


The OL 770 is the perfect instrument for measuring LED spectral and goniometric properties.  With the addition of the appropriate input optics it is possible to measure and report parameters such as Condition A/B and TLF as well as viewing angle and electrical characterization information such as LIV when coupled with a Keithley source meter or G&H power supply.  The 770 also has unique triggering capabilities for high speed production type environments.


Manufacturers of lamps and emitters, lighting systems, and luminaires are required to measure the light produced and evaluate the photobiological hazard in accordance with the IEC 62471 standard.  The OL 750D Spectroradiometer, coupled with accessories designed to collect the light according to the methods and geometric constraints specified for each hazard defined in the standard, allows the user the modularity to quickly change setups between the various field-of-view acceptance angles, in both radiance and irradiance modes. We also offer lighting measurement solutions to meet other Standards for specialty applications, such as accelerated weathering systems, medical lighting, covert illumination, and sun tanning, to name a few.