System Design & Industrial Manufacturing Capabilities / OEM Services 


With over 40 years experience in photonics system design and manufacturing, Optronic Laboratories is recognized world-wide as the expert in spectroradiometry for both instrumentation and calibration services, specifically measurements from 200 nm to 30 µm.  Our facility offers full product engineering, design, and manufacturing quick-turn capabilities, with specialized expertise in opto-mechanics and photonics systems.  Our staff of highly qualified engineers has countless years of experience with demanding commercial product delivery, as well as custom designed and OEM solutions.

Engineering and Design Capabilities

  • ISO 9001 engineering, project management and documentation structure
  • Extremely low level detection technology (1 fA, 1 nV resolution)
  • Current source precision regulation
  • CE compliant design
  • Integrating sphere technology
  • Digital signal processing/image processing
  • Optical modeling/systems design
  • Custom electro-optical/ mechanical design and development
  • Precision motion control
  • Windows® & embedded software development capabilities

Precision Contract Manufacturing and Testing

  • ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation
  • Precision opto-mechanical and electronics assembly
  • Systems level integration and test
  • Coating and ESD facilities
  • Manufacturing enterprise and supply chain management systems
  • NIST-traceable test and calibration services

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products and Services

  • Spectroradiometers for testing night vision compatibility, LED, OLED, IRED and display measurements, detector spectral response, internal and external quantum efficiencies, and more
  • Radiometers/photometers for total luminance, illumimance and broad-band radiance and irradiance measurements
  • Calibration and measurement services (Spectroradiometric calibration; Characterization of detectors and light sources; Calibration standards)
  • Spectroradiometric standards and power supplies (Spectral irradiance/illuminance standards; Spectral radiance/luminance; standards)
  • Detector standards
  • Integrating Spheres
  • OEM and custom design and development
  • Sphere coating services


Whether your need is to find a strategic partner to develop a solution for a newly defined photonic sensing problem, collaborative assistance in enhancing and manufacturing an existing product or sub-assembly, or outsourcing manufacturing services for a proven build-to-print instrumentation package, we can provide cost effective solutions for your OEM requirements.

We consider our OEM relationships proprietary. To protect our customers’ interests, we do not disclose details of their applications.

  • OEM Products
  • Design Team Competencies
    • Precision optical and mechanical engineering
    • Integrating sphere technology
    • Optical sensor optimization and analog signal conditioning, extremely low amplification technology (femtoamps 10E-15)
    • High stability precision current regulated power supplies
    • Digital signal processing, embedded microprocessors
    • Windows software development
  • Build-to-print

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