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Optronic Laboratories has manufactured integrating spheres for over 25 years. Due in part to our extensive interaction with solving our customers’ most difficult requirements, in addition to the decades of experience and knowledge of our staff, we offer a range of sphere sizes with a multitude of baffle and port configurations, and as well as sphere coatings for applications in the UV through to IR wavelength ranges.  

Our OL IS-1800H 18-inch Integrating Sphere consists of a hinged sphere assembly, an exit port, an auxiliary lamp, and an internal baffle port. The exit port has a coated internal baffle that eliminates any non-integrated light from exiting it and holds a removable filter. The auxiliary lamp port also has a coated baffle, which helps to integrate the output of the lamp to the sphere. Unlike its predecessor, the OL IS-1800, which opens horizontally, the OL IS-1800H is equipped with a vertical opening. As a result of the design change, the sphere footprint is substantially smaller. Additionally, the horizontally-mounted seam allows for an optional port to be placed on top of the hemisphere for testing downlights.

The Universal Integrating Sphere (UIS) Series was designed to accommodate a wide variety of configuration and application requirements. Users can tailor a sphere to meet their specific needs or modify it as their requirements change. Choose your sphere size, number of ports, port design, coating, mounting ports, baffles and baffle positions, and sphere finish to create a unique finished product. 

For total luminous flux applications, the OL IS-1800 and OL IS-3900 can be obtained as part of a complete measurement system.  Each model consists of two hemispheres mounted in a rugged frame equipped with locking casters. The hemispheres separate for ease of opening for installing or interchanging lamps. The sphere design makes provision for using an optional auxiliary lamp. Two standard baffles are included: one located between the lamp to be measured and the exit port and one located in front of the optional auxiliary lamp. These baffles prevent non-integrated incident light from directly reaching the detector port.

Irradiance and Illuminance Measurements also provide

  • Near-perfect cosine response overall
  • Wide wavelength range – PTFE and gold coatings
  • A wide range of sizes, specifically from 1 inch to 39 inches
  • Both standard and also custom designs

Total Flux Measurements 

  • External and internal lamp mounting geometries
  • Wide wavelength range – PTFE and gold coatings
  • Fully optimized designs so that customer requirements are met
  • Auxiliary lamps included particularly for highest accuracies
  • A wide range of sizes, from 4 inches to 39 inches
  • Washable coating on larger spheres
  • Standard and also custom designs

Calibration Sources Diffuse Reflectance/ Transmittance Measurements

  • A wide range of accessories available for overall design
  • Direct interface to instruments or via fiber optics
  • Dual beam construction for the purpose of obtaining the highest accuracies
  • Radiance, luminance, irradiance, luminance calibrations
  • High light level to extremely low light level
  • Manual adjustment or fully automated in order to match specific applications
  • NIST-traceable
  • Uniform

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