OL Series 455-SA

Instrumentation, Spectral Radiance & Luminance Standards

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The OL Series 455-SA Automated Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard is designed for accurately calibrating microphotometers, image intensifiers, telephotometers, and imaging spectroradiometers for photometric, radiometric, and spectroradiometric response. It is a large area, uniform, diffusely radiating source with a near normal luminance that can be varied over many decades without changing the color temperature. The source module has a 150-watt tungsten quartz-halogen reflectorized lamp with a motorized variable aperture between the lamp and the integrating sphere. This combination provides for continuous adjustment of the sphere luminance over a range of six decades. The integrating sphere is coated with a highly reflective, diffuse coating and produces a near perfect luminance source.

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