OL 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System

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The OL 750 is an extremely versatile spectroradiometric measurement system capable of performing a variety of highly accurate optical radiation measurements under computer control in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. The modular approach of the OL 750, coupled with an extensive selection of accessories and powerful application software packages, enables the user to tailor a turn-key system to their exact requirements as well as ensure expandability in the future. Both single (OL 750S) and double (OL 750D) grating monochromator versions are available. The basic system, along with an extensive selection of optional items and accessories, enables the OL 750 to measure over all or part of the entire 200 nm to 30 μm wavelength range.

With its configurable gratings, blocking filters, and slits, the OL 750 can be set up across the full solar spectral output range. It also has a wide variety of accessories for measuring reflectance (diffuse and specular components) and therefore computing both internal and external quantum efficiencies (IQE, EQE). There is even a white bias accessory, a white light source that allows the cell’s active area to be brought up to a typical operating energy level while measuring the spectral response simultaneously.

IEC 62471 Photobiological Hazard Measurements

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Current application software version: 1.70, CD 120221
Current software development kit version (.NET): CD 130118
Current software development kit version (ActiveX): CD 100210


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