Product Overview
OL 15AB LED Receptor
OL 25RS/ 25RS-S/ 55RS/ 10RS-S Diffuse Specular Reflectance Standards
OL 46D Deuterium Lamp Power Supply
OL 345 Radiometric & Photometric Calibration Standard
OL 410 Precision Lamp Source
OL 426-S Low Light Level Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
OL 426-SA Automated Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
OL 455-S High-intensity Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
OL 455-SA Automated Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
OL 440-8-OH Variable Ultraviolet Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
OL 458-4 White LED_Based Fixed Luminance Calibration Standard
OL 459 Tunable LED Standard
OL 480 Blackbody Calibration Standard
OL 600 Direct Viewing Imaging Optics Module
OL 600-NVG Direct Viewing Imaging Optics Module
OL 700-10 Programmable Precision Power Supply for LEDs
OL 700-22 Pulsed Xenon Flash Source
OL 700-23 Dual Output Xenon Source
OL 700-24 Wavelength Calibration Source
OL 700-30 Goniometric Measurement Assembly
OL 700-70 Integrating Sphere Reflectance Attachment
OL 700-71, -73, -74 Reflectance & Transmittance Accessories
OL Series 700-80 High-Precision & Luxeon LED Holders
OL 700-86VP Vacuum Pump Assembly
OL 700-88TC Thermally Cooled Temperature Controller
OL 700-LFOV Large Field of View Adapter
OL 730-5A/ -5C UV-Enhanced Silicon Detectors
OL 730-9A/ -9Q Reflex Telescopes
OL 730-TE Cooled Detector Packages
OL 730E Programmable Radiometer / Photometer
OL 731 USB Smart Detector
OL 740-15 S-20 Response PMT Module
OL 740-17/ -17C Thermal Detector
OL 740-20 High-intensity Source Attachment
OL 740-70 Integrating Sphere Diffuse Reflectance Attachment
OL 740-71 Detector Spectral Response/ Reflectance/ QE Attachment
OL 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System
OL 750-10 All Mirror Collimating & Focusing Optics 
OL 750-75MA Goniospectroreflectance Attachment
OL Series 750-HSD High Sensitivity Detectors
OL 750-NVG Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System for MIL-L-85762A
OL 750-NVG Technical Performance & Applications
25 Good Reasons to Choose the OL 750-NVG
OL 752-10/ -12 Plug-in Standards of Spectral Irradiance
OL 756 High-accuracy UV-VIS Spectroradiometer
OL 756-150 Dual Calibration & Gain Check Source Module
OL 756 Accessories
OL 770-15Q-A Automated Neutral Density Filter Wheel
OL 770-420 Software Development Kit
OL 770 Spectroradiometers (General)
OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System
OL 770-InGaAs NIR Spectroradiometer
OL 770-LED Test & Measurement System
OL 770-NVS Night Vision Test & Measurement System
OL 771 Spectroradiometric LED Test & Measurement System
OL 2150 High-intensity Projection Source
Optronic Laboratories ODM/OEM System Design and Manufacturing Capabilities
OL IS-670-LED Integrating Sphere for LED TLF Measurements
OL IS-1800/ -3900 Large Integrating Spheres
OL IS-1800H 18-inch Integrating Sphere w/ Vertical Opening
NIST-Traceable Test & Measurement Services
Spectroradiometry & Photometry Training Programs
Universal Integrating Sphere (UIS) Series
OL UV-40 UV Irradiance & Radiance Standards

Application Notes

The Measurement of Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Problems and Solutions
Spectroradiometric System for Measuring Spectral Response of CCD or Array Type Radiometers
Discrepancies Associated with Using UVA and UVB Meters to Measure Output of Sunlight, Solar Simulators, etc.
Procedure for In Vitro Sunscreen Testing
Errors in Spectroradiometric Measurements Using Multi-channel Detectors
Improving Integrating Sphere Design for Near-Perfect Cosine Response
Exposure Schedule for Suntanning Products
Slit and Aperture Selection in Spectroradiometry
The Benefits of DSP Lock-In Amplifiers
Fast NVIS Measurements
Spectroradiometry Methods: A Guide to Photometry and Visible Spectroradiometry
Standard Spheres and Sphere Standards
Eliminating LED Measurement Errors
Measurement Uncertainties and Inconsistencies
Practical Uncertainty Budgets for Spectral Measurements of LEDs
Total Luminous Flux Measurements of LEDs/ OLEDs
OL 770-NVS Spectroradiometer & Aerospace Vehicle Cockpit Lighting Measurement Geometry
Biological Testing Using the OL Series 750
IEC 62471 Solutions

Information Sheets

Measurement and Calibration Services
The Optronic Laboratories Calibration of Photodetectors
Stellar Magnitudes
Stray Light Errors
FDA Compliance Testing: Sunbeds – Suntan Booths – Sun Lamps
OL Series 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System Spectral Sensitivity Performance Specifications
OL 750 and OL 754 Windows or optoLab Application Software Recommended Computer Configuration
OL 750 Windows® Application Software Recommended Computer Configuration
OL Series 750 Monochromator/ Grating Specifications
OL 756 vs OL 754
Measuring Pulsed Sources with the OL 730C Programmable Radiometer/ Photometer
Test Procedures to Verify Operation of the OL 750-NVG to MIL-L-85762A, Appendix 30
DSP Lock-in Amplifier Comparison
Windows 2000/XP Compatible Software for the OL Series Spectroradiometer
New Redesigned OL 730C/CV Radiometer/Photometer Feature/Comparison Chart
OL 770 Multichannel Spectroradiometer Recommended Computer Configuration
Software Application Operating System Compatability Chart
Technical Comparison: OL 770 versus Ocean Optics’ USB 200
Uncertainty Analysis for Diffuse Reflectance of a Gold Sample as Derived from NIST Values of PTFE Reflectance
Technical Comparison: OL 770 versus Labsphere’s LED-1100
Uncertainty Budget Calculations Using Optronic Laboratories Standards
OL 770 Test and Measurement System Sample Reports
Technical Comparison: OL 770 versus Labsphere LED-202
OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System Features, Advantages, and Benefits
OL 770VIS-DMS and OL 770VIS/NIR-DMS Display Measurement Systems Specifications
OL 770UV/VIS and OL 770VIS/NIR Multi-channel Spectroradiometer Specifications
OL 770VIS Multi-channel Spectroradiometer Specifications
Optolon 2 Care and Cleaning Procedures
OL 770 and OL 771 Sensitivity Values
A Comparison of NVIS Measurement Systems Offered by Optronic Laboratories
Care and Use Guidelines for the OL 770 Spectroradiometer and Accessories
A Comparison Between Scanning Spectroradiometers and FTIR Instruments
Guide to Selecting Input Fiber Optics for the OL 770
Steps for Isolation the Specular Component of a Sample Containing Both Diffuse and Specular Components
Adding ActiveX Control Software Development Kit to LabVIEW 8.5 and Up
OL 770-DMS Technology Comparison Chart
Comparison of Integrating Spheres
Utilizing an External PMT High Voltage Power Supply in lieu of the OL 750-645 Programmable HV Supply
Procedure for Replacement of OL 754-C Controller Memory Battery
Technical Comparison: OL 770 versus Competition
Possible Causes for Transistor Failures in the OL 65A Current Sources
Correcting Tristimulus Colorimeter Errors and the Four Color Matrix Method (FCMM)
Calibration at 6500K with a D65 Filter
ROI of the OL 756 Spectroradiometer
NVIS Testing of Backlit Displays
Raw Data for High Power Laser Exposure of PTFE Samples


Reducing Uncertainty in Precision High-Brightness LED Measurements
Standards for Calibration of Optical Radiation Measurement Systems
Automated Spectroradiometric Systems: Components and Applications
Broadband Lamp Standard for Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, and Infrared Calibration to 6.0 µm
UV Spectroradiometric Output of an F404 Turbojet Aircraft Engine
Spectral Response of a UV Flame Sensor for Modern Turbojet Aircraft Engine
New Instrumentation for Measuring Spectral Goniometric Reflectance
Instrumentation for Detector Spectral/ Spatial Uniformity Measurements
Colorimetry: Examining the Methods and Tools for Measuring and Analyzing Color
Measuring Solar Spectra: Problems and Solutions
Silicon Carbide UV Photodiodes
Fundamentals of Measuring Optical Radiation
Instrumentation Advances Enhance Spectroradiometers
Spectral Ultraviolet Measurements and Utilization of Standards
CCDs in Spectroscopy Utilization of Standards
The Benefits of Lock-in Amplifiers
Instrumentation for Measuring NVIS Displays: Practical Optimization for Best Performance
Automated Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard
Working With NVIS
Inside the Black Box: System Optimization for Measurement of NVIS Compatible Displays
Ultraviolet Phototherapy for Skin Diseases
Ultraviolet Radiation Dosimetry
Avoiding Errors in UV Radiation Measurements
LED Measurement Instrumentation
LED Measurement Issues
LED Measurement
Terminology: the key to understanding analytical science – Part 1: Accuracy, precision, and uncertainty
The Future of NVIS Display Measurement
Accurate Measurement of NVIS Lighting Components
Critical Design Factors in NVIS Filter Design
Accurate Chromaticity Measurements of Lighting Components
Spectroradiometer Improves Accuracy of Photovoltaic Measurement
Accurate Transmission Measurements of Translucent Materials
Measuring Light Emissions for LEDs
Polarization: The Invisible Property of Light
The Number of Colors Perceived by Dichromats When Appreciating Art Paintings Under Standard Illuminants
Transmission Matrices of Random Media: Means for Spectral Polarimetric Measurements

PowerPoint Presentations

Optronic Laboratories Radiometers/Photometers
Downloading OL 730C Parameters
OL 750 Measurement Systems
OL 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System for DSR
Latest Advances in Spectroradiometric Measurement Systems for Night Vision Compatible Displays
Detector Response Measurements
Transmittance Measurements
Sphere Standards and Standard Spheres
Uncertainty Sampling
LED Measurement Instrumentation
Quantifying Photometric Spectral Mismatch Uncertainties in LED Measurements
OL 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System for Specular Reflectance
OL 750 System Software Introduction
OL 754 System Software Introduction
LED Measurement
OL 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System for Diffuse Spectral Reflectance
OL 756 High Accuracy UV-VIS Spectroradiometer
Radiance to Irradiance Conversion
Introduction to Measurement Quantities
OL 731 USB Smart Detector
Polarization: the Invisible Property of Light
Source Measurement
The Future of NVIS Display Measurement