OL 770-LED Test and Measurement System

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The OL 770 LED Measurement and Test System is a high-speed, CCD-based spectroradiometer allows users to customize to any LED measurement application. Lightweight and portable, it provides high-precision, fast, and accurate research-grade measurements to meet demanding product applications within your budget. Our LED testing is done without compromising quality, consistency, and precision.  Available in the VIS, UV/VIS, and VIS/NIR, it features a wide variety of accessories.

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Current application software version (32 and 64 bit-compatible): 6.12, CD 130626
Current application software version (64 bit-compatible only): 6.14, CD 160610
Current software development kit version: 140825
Current OL 700-30 goniometer software development kit version: 101213
Current OL 770-15Q-A filter holder  software development kit version: 101201
Current OL 700-10 power supply  software development kit version: 101207


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Material Processing | Microscopy | Spectroscopy
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