Ignite Innovation in Car Displays with Our Cutting-Edge Measurement System!

In the realm of modern automobile advancements, displays have taken center stage—heads-up, center stack, driver information, and rear-seat entertainment, to name a few. For companies manufacturing these products, meeting industry standards and ensuring seamless functionality is paramount.

The OL 770-DMS offers a complete solution for modern display measurement requirements, giving accurate color, luminance and spectral information instantly at the click of a button. Developed to meet the needs of R&D, production, and quality assurance, the OL 770-DMS’s unique design features high sensitivity and powerful, adaptable software make it ideal for performing measurements on a wide range of measurements, including:

  • Luminance
  • Diffuse Reflection
  • Chromaticity
  • Specular Reflection
  • Uniformity
  • … and more!

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