Using the OL 770 LED Test and Measurement System for Precise Spectral Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, LEDs have become integral to our daily lives. Manufacturers, in particular, seek reliable and accurate instrumentation to ensure the safety and cost-effectiveness of their products, all while meeting industry standards. Spectral analysis plays a crucial role in tailoring products such as grow lamps, minimizing glare in headlights, and ensuring the safety of dairy products.

Optronic Laboratories’ OL 770 LED Test and Measurement System is a comprehensive solution designed to measure LED spectral and goniometric properties with unparalleled precision. By incorporating the appropriate input optics, the system can assess critical parameters such as Condition A/B and TLF, viewing angle, and electrical characterization when paired with a Keithley source meter or Optronic Laboratories power supply. The OL 770 is further equipped with unique triggering capabilities, making it ideal for high-speed production environments.

Key features of this turnkey, high-precision, research-grade system include:

  • High-speed USB interface
  • 25+ spectral scans per second
  • Windows-compatible application software
  • Low stray light performance
  • High spectral resolution
  • High dynamic range

Additionally, our extensive catalog of accessories allows the OL 770 system to adapt and grow with your evolving needs. It is our commitment to providing manufacturers with the tools they need to produce safe, cost-effective, and high-quality LED-based products.

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