Optronic Laboratories’ Advanced IEC 62471 Workstation with OL 750 Spectroradiometer System

Optronic Laboratories’ IEC 62471 workstation was designed to streamline the evaluation of photobiological safety for lamps and lighting systems emitting light in the spectral region of 200-3000 nm. The core of this workstation is the cutting-edge OL 750 spectroradiometer which features all-encompassing capabilities for the measurement, analysis, and seamless reporting of relevant IEC 62471 quantities. The modular and flexible design of the OL 750D platform facilitates smooth transitions between radiance and irradiance configurations as per specific requirements.

The OL 750 provides the functionality and versatility to meet the diverse needs of our users. A vast array of NIST-traceable calibration standards and accessories further empower users to perform comprehensive full-system calibration and performance verification during reconfiguration, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every evaluation.

The OL 750-IEC 62471 workstation is the go-to solution in many of the world’s most respected labs and facilities, offering a combination of advanced technology and user-friendly design to enhance your testing and evaluation processes.

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