21st Century Dashboards – Function AND Flash!

Gone are the days of large dial speedometers and other analog dashboard gauges that were in our grandparents’ cars. Instead, many modern automobiles feature projection-based displays that use LED lights or lasers to project information like the speedometer, tachometer, motor temperature, warning lights, and fuel consumption on to a dedicated part of the windshield.

Like any other feature in cars, manufacturers are concerned with and perform testing for:

  • Reliability for accuracy
  • Good performance under uncertain environments
  • Clarity from the driver’s perspective
  • High contrast and brightness
  • High definition
  • 25+ spectral scans per second with USB interface
  • Instantly render accurate color, luminance, and spectral information at the click of a button
  • Portable, lightweight system
  • High sensitivity and powerful, adaptable Windows®-based software
  • Precise viewing of the measurement target area
  • Allows for remote viewing in locations that might otherwise be inaccessible
  • Wide variety of accessories

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