Does Your Display Meet The Recommended Standards?

Displays have become a part of daily life. Manufacturers of heads-up displays, cell phones, televisions, laptops, automobile instrument clusters, and other products rely on metrological instrumentation to ensure their products meet standards and specifications, are consistent, and function properly. Our OL 459 Tunable Light Standard and OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System are ideal solutions for modern display measurements.

The OL 770-DMS was developed to meet the needs of R&D, production, and quality assurance. It is available in UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges, is capable of 25+ spectral scans per second with USB interface, and can instantly render accurate color, luminance, and spectral information at the click of a button. The portable, lightweight system features high sensitivity and powerful, adaptable Windows-based software.

Our OL 459 Tunable Light Standard is capable of providing a continuous spectrum from 380 to 1000 nm. It can be operated manually, using its display panel, or remotely, via USB and the application software. The application software allows the capability to control individual channel driving currents, presets saved in the instrument’s memory, and monitor detector units.

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