Don’t miss the HortiCann Light + Tech Conference starting TOMORROW!

The HortiCann Lighting and Tech Conference is the premier event for commercial growers, greenhouse manufacturers, urban and vertical farmers, horticultural lighting specialists, and more. Attendees can learn about the latest developments in energy and cost savings, environmental controls, test and measurement, lighting optimization, and business and operations software. And since this is a virtual event, there are limitless opportunities to take part in networking, interact with manufacturers, participate in panel events, and interface with keynote speakers.

OL 770 Test and Measurement System

Our OL 770 Test and Measurement System is ideal for inspection of material and verification of instrumentation used in horticultural applications in the UV/VIS range. When coupled with an OL IS-670 6-inch Integrating Sphere, the system ensures the spectral output of lamps, luminaires, and other lighting systems is appropriate and within prescribed specifications. It features low stray light performance, high spectral resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range. The OL 770’s lightweight and small footprint design, relative to larger scanning spectroradiometers, makes it an ideal instrument for use in production environments, especially where portability is needed. Highly-intuitive Windows-based software, which combines utility programs and data reduction routines with specific application software, makes for a completely integrated operating system. A variety of accessories are available to ensure your system grows and changes with your needs.

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