Don’t Miss The Resilient Harvests Conference (November 1 – 2)!

Even though the hot, sunny days of summer are over and the cooler weather of fall is upon us, controlled-environment agriculture still thrives.  These systems are designed to provide optimal growing conditions for crops while preventing disease and pest damage. This is done primarily through controlled lighting, water, and ventilation. For those in the industry, Resilient Harvest is the optimum opportunity to interact with industry leaders, learn about the latest technologies, and network with peers and vendors.

Optronic Laboratories’ OL 756 UV-VIS Spectroradiometer is ideal for such applications as photobiological studies, solar simulator characterization, verification of UV lamp systems, and more.

This double monochromator system features:

  • Exceptional stray light rejection, essential for determining suppression of UV to safe levels
  • Interchangeable fixed slits that can set the bandwidth from 0.4 – 10 nm
  • High efficiency blazed holographic gratings that boost performance in the UV range
  • A single, portable enclosure
  • Highly flexible application software

Visit us at Table Top #27 with our affiliate company, Solar Light

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