OL 455-SA: Improving Productivity & Calibration Performance

Since 1970, Optronic Labs has been an industry leader in developing and supplying NIST-Traceable standards. In keeping with our reputation, the OL 455-SA Sphere Source provides consistent, accurate, repeatable calibration of microphotometers, image intensifiers, telephotometers, and imaging spectroradiometers for photometric, radiometric, and spectroradiometric response.

With its innovative design features, the OL 455-SA significantly improves performance and productivity.

OL 455-SA Features:

  • A new aperture drive design, increasing the accuracy while dramatically shortening the seek time for finding a specific luminance target
  • A heated monitor detector to hold the detector at a steady temperature to reduce settling time, changes with ambient temperatures, and non-linearity as luminance increases or decreases
  • A unique elongated sphere design available for the 6 and 8 inch versions, which reduces the non-uniformity by a remarkable factor of 10x


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