Product Spotlight: OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System

Light displays are a constant in modern life, so much so that they can often become an afterthought. But the quality and reliability of any display, as smooth and straightforward as it may seem to the user, did not get that way by simple chance: it arrived through constant testing and a battery of calibration standards performed by elite labs. And although hidden from the public, professionals understand the array of precise instruments needed to achieve color clarity, luminance, and reliability.

Light testing is a specialty at Optronic Laboratories. The OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System performs a variety of measurements from sunlight readability to ambient contrast ratio. Ideal for those in the world of R&D and quality assurance, our design is also user-friendly and intuitive.

The system features both a multichannel spectroradiometer and a CCD imaging telescope. These are combined with high-powered software for some of the most precise and usable color or light readings in the marketplace.

Additionally, our interface setup is designed to be clear and easy to sort. Using a combination of graphs, reports, and spreadsheets, the data that comes from the DMS can be applied to your existing software infrastructures. Straight-forward fail/pass lighting indicators further the ease-of-use.

The OL 610 CCD can work remotely, allowing it to make readings in places other instruments simply may not be able to reach. It also can have customizable fields of view created by G&H upon request.

At Optronic Laboratories, our calibration standards are beyond just what is necessary. We strive for perfection. In the lab, and in our products, we help create a more functional world, done with precision. For more information on OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System, always feel free to contact the photonic experts of Optronic Laboratories at 407-785-6005.

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