Calibrate Your OL 459 Tunable Light Source with the OL 770 Spectroradiometer

Optronic Laboratories offers cutting edge solutions for the latest developments in fields of spectroradiometer, laser, displays, AR/VR optoelectronics, and more.

OL 459 Tunable LED Standard

Our instrumentation provides users with the option to explore the feasibility of using LED-based sources of radiant flux for calibrations that have traditionally been performed using lamp-based standards. The OL 459 is packaged in a single, portable enclosure consisting of a 6-inch diameter integrating sphere, auxiliary reference port, keypad / display panel, luminance monitor, internal high-power multi-LED input source and all control electronics. It is ideal for use as a reference source when calibrating VIS & NIR imaging cameras, photometers, colorimeters, and other optical instruments.

OL 770 Spectroradiometer System

When the OL 459 is paired with our OL 770 Spectroradiometer System, users are guaranteed the highest degree of measurement accuracy over the entire spectrum. Transfer calibrations can be performed to precisely determine the spectral accuracy and output. The OL 770 features low stray light performance, high spectral resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range. Its lightweight and small footprint design, relative to larger scanning spectroradiometers, makes it an ideal instrument for use in production environments, especially where portability is needed.

These two instruments provide a complete in-house calibration solution with the level of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability we've built our reputation on.

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