How to Select the Correct Spectral Irradiance Standards

Accurate calibration for spectral irradiance response is crucial for obtaining reliable measurement results and ensuring the traceability of your spectroradiometric systems. To assist in this process, we have outlined a systematic guide for selecting the correct lamp:

Understand Your Calibration Requirements:

  • Identify the required spectral range and resolution (often prescribed in the relevant technical standard)
  • Determine the desired measurement uncertainties and traceability requirements
  • Consider the lamp intensity and stability requirements

Selecting the Lamp Type:

  • Identify the required spectral distribution of the lamp (often prescribed in the relevant technical standard). If not specified, it is ideal to match the spectral distribution to that of the device under test
  • For the selected lamp, an appropriate precision power supply is also needed

Traceability and Calibration Standards:

  • Ensure that the calibration lamp is traceable to a recognized national metrology institute, such as NIST
  • Check that the lamp manufacturer provides calibration certificates and reports maintaining the traceability

Lamp Calibration Intervals:

  • Determine the recommend calibration interval for the lamp based on its certified stability characteristics and application requirements
  • Maintain regular recalibrations to ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of your calibrated response

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