Microbolometer Arrays: Revolutionizing the Field of Optical Metrology in the Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR)

Microbolometer arrays have revolutionized the field of optical metrology in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) by enabling accurate and reliable temperature measurements in a wide range of applications. From thermal imaging cameras to non-contact temperature measurement systems, they allow engineers and researchers to capture intricate thermal details, optimize processes, and improve product quality, in addition to monitoring and maintaining equipment performance, ensuring safety, and enabling efficient energy management.

At Optronic Laboratories, we offer the OL 750 Spectroradiometer Workstation configured specifically for detector spectral response analysis with NIST-traceable calibrated sensors out into the LWIR, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. Our experts specialize in delivering solutions that meet your specific requirements with advanced systems enabling you to calibrate microbolometer arrays in-house, offering you complete control and flexibility over your calibration process.

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