Season’s Greetings: The Times Square Ball’s Illuminating Evolution

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Since its inception in 1907, the Times Square Ball has undergone various technological advancements and design changes. This symbol of celebration on New Year’s Eve has evolved to incorporate new materials, lighting technologies, and interactive features to captivate audiences worldwide. Originally illuminated using incandescent bulbs, the Ball was eventually switched to LEDs as they became more common and energy-efficient. With the advancement of LED technology came the ability to change colors dynamically resulting in the visually stunning and vibrant displays you see on New Year’s Eve.

Manufacturers of LED lights used in the Times Square Ball and other types of LED lighting need to be sure that their product is consistent and meets all industry standards. Our OL 770 Spectroradiometric System and accessories provide high-precision, fast, and accurate research-grade measurements to meet demanding product requirements within most budgets.

  • Meets CIE 127 Guidelines, Conditions A&B, TLF
  • Low stray light performance
  • High Spectral Resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range
  • Compact, lightweight, portable enclosure
  • Wide variety of accessories to meet your changing needs

Whether for production, R&D, or quality control, the OL 770 stands ready to empower your work with accuracy and reliability throughout the year.

However you celebrate the holidays, we hope you are surrounded
by loved ones and wish you a peaceful and very safe season!

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