Unlock the Secrets of Fluorescence with Optronic Labs

Few things capture our imagination like the enigmatic world of fluorescence. From neon lights to glowing jellyfish, fluorescence has been a source of fascination and intrigue for centuries. Now, researchers are pushing the boundaries of this luminous phenomenon by exploring the glow-in-the-dark qualities of an unexpected group of creatures: cats. This phenomenon is due to a chemical on the surface of the animals, such as protein, that absorbs light before emitting it at lower wavelengths.

But how do researchers test or measure the light being emitted? Instruments, such as Optronic Laboratories’ integrating spheres, provide a controlled and uniform source for measuring fluorescence quantum yield. A sample is exposed to a specific wavelength of light, typically provided by a light source, which stimulates the molecules to absorb energy and enter an excited state. The integrating sphere then collects and homogenizes the emitted fluorescence, ensuring that no light is lost, and the measurements are accurate. At Optronic Laboratories, we offer custom integrating spheres that can be designed to facilitate various fluorescent samples in a geometry that suits your specific application.

For more than 50 years, Optronic Labs’ instruments have been known for their accuracy and reliability, enabling researchers to obtain consistent and reproducible results. As the mysteries of fluorescence continue to unravel, it’s clear that our instrumentation is essential for those seeking to measure fluorescence quantum yield with precision and confidence.

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