Blue Light Hazard Measurement Systems

Blue light is everywhere. Although most exposure occurs outdoors in direct sunlight, it can be found indoors as well. In our technology-dependent world, screen time in one form or another can take up the bulk of the day for many people. Whether working on a computer, checking your social media accounts on your cell phone, or binge-watching a show on TV, you’re being exposed to artificial blue light.

Blue light occurs in the visible light spectrum from 380 to 500 nm. Our eyes are typically effective at blocking UV rays in this range from reaching the retina, but visible blue light is able to pass through the cornea and lens to directly hit the retina. The damage that visible blue light can do to the retina is why filters and protective eyewear have become so sought after recently.

Optronic Laboratories, Inc.’s suite of Spectroradiometric Workstations to evaluate and classify LED lamps and luminaires according to blue light hazard as described in IEC TR 62778 and photobiological hazards described in IEC 62471.

Our OL 756 scanning double monochromator workstation is the ideal measurement solution to evaluate blue light hazard specified in IEC TR 62778, which deals exclusively with retinal blue light hazard described in sections 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 of IEC 62471. Designed for irradiance measurements from 200 – 800 nm, the OL 756 provides high accuracy and precision with data acquisition rates that approaches those typically seen only with array-based, multi-channel instruments, as well as better resolution and more than four orders of magnitude greater stray light suppression. Its small footprint and ruggedized portable design make the OL 756 Portable Workstation uniquely suited for field and manufacturing measurements.

To perform a comprehensive suite of measurements to assess all potential health hazards according to IEC 62471 from UV, Visible and IR spectral regions, our OL 750 Modular Workstation can be configured with a complete array of detectors, sensors, sources, radiance and irradiance measurement accessories.

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